Motiva Implants

Implants that fullfill the highest of quality standards

IlonionCare Oy has started a collaboration with EquipMed - the distributor of Motiva Implants in Finland and in the Baltics. IlonionCare's role is to market and provide consultation.


”Establishment Lab's lenghty experience with the product design, development, technology and support schemes has made possible to create the Motiva Implant Matrix® – the most innovative silicone implants available.

  • The new design of the shell provides secure and a durable implant.

  • Excellent elasticity makes it possible to set the implant through a very small hole which minimizes the surgical scar.

  • Gel that holds its shape and is perfectly natural by its aesthetics.

  • Diverse collection of implant profiles fullfill the surgeons and patients needs.

  • Surface texture based on studies provides a shell that doesn't include foreign materials.


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