About Us

Ilonion Care Oy was based in 2017 and we cooperate with hospitals and healt care units locating in Finland. 


Our mission is to bring selected high quality health care products and materials. Ilonion Care’s employers and employees have a long history and strong knowledge regarding health care business and working as a partner in the medical field here in Finland.


We are continuosly looking for innovative solutions that hospitals and clinics need.

HMT-1 camera

HMT-1 is a hands-free, voice controlled wearable Android tablet with a HD camera.


The device is easy to wear and operate. It is wireless, completely hands-free and works with easy voice commands.

HMT-1 replaces the need for external camera crews in operating rooms: Less external people needed to be brought to ORs, as an operator can document the operations easily.

Better video recording angle – the operator has the camera on their forehead. HMT-1 enhances the learning experience of medical students: students can receive an optimized view of the live operation in the meeting room/ auditorium.

HMT-1 increases the quality of remote consultation: A real-time hands-free video call with zooming and marking functions between the operator and mentor increases the quality of remote consultation.