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Unique design form Finland

The GoSleep Iglooo is an enclosed resting space that offers peace and comfort. GoSleep Iglooo is the solution if you have to wait for long periods in a hospital reception, at the airport or if you want to refresh yourself at the office.

Made from very high quality materials, the sleeping bubble is extremely versatile. GoSleep Iglooo is made in Finland. The system has a fully adjustable seat, which can be adjusted to a lying position for resting. The seat has an integrated storage system to protect your precious belongings while you rest.

The GoSleep Igloo has a drop-down sight and sound barrier at the front, which is infinitely adjustable. The insulation is breathable, ensuring good ventilation even when closed. This ensures a pleasant rest for longer periods.

Igloo is suitable for hospital waiting rooms, as a resting place for hectic office workers.

USB Charging Station

Efficiently charge your devices with the powerful built-in USB charger. With two charging ports, allowing charging of multiple devices at a time.

Compact size & easy access

Igloo's compact size ensures easy placement in any environment. The large opening ensures easy entry and exit into the Iglooo.

Rest and relax in comfort

Rest and relax in comfort thanks to the large and easily accessible sound and vision barrier.

Easy to keep clean

High-quality materials and easy surfaces ensure that Iglooo is easy to clean.

24/7 Efficiency

Ensure efficiency for employees, customers and other users by providing a quiet, safe and comfortable place to rest.

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