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Wound Honey

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Honey brings versatility to wound care, as honey has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that stimulate wound healing processes. Revamil® is a versatile European product line whose products are mainly manufactured in Netherlands.


Revamil® products contain honey made under controlled conditions.

Revamil® brings a series of honey wounds  suitable for the use of the wound nurse and for the individual needs of the patient, which is widely suited for a wide range of wounds and ulcers.

Revamil® controlled production process and quality

Revamil products® are produced according to a controlled quality system. This means that honey is produced under controlled conditions, uniform quality is achieved regardless of the production batch, and a high enzyme content of honey is achieved. Revamil products are sterilized and do not contain pesticide or antibiotic residues, or bacterial or fungal contamination.


The quality control of the Revamil® product range includes control of water content, pH, high enzyme content and pesticides, and validation of sterileness.

Revamil® - towards the most versatile set of honey products in wound care

Revamil® products can be used for chronic wounds such as diabetic wounds, tibias and pressure wounds, acute wounds such as burns, irradiation wounds and surgical wounds.

Revamil® products can also be used at different stages of wound healing, as the product range includes preparations for necrotized wounds, infected and non-infected wounds, dry or oozing wounds, and granulation wounds.

The following products are available in the Revamil® product range

Revamil® Balm for superficial scratches. Revamil® Gel, a 100% honey product for home use and deep wounds. In addition, the series includes Revamil® Wound Dressing, which is a honeycomb available in many different sizes. Revamil® Melginate, which is best suited for penetrating wounds, and Revamil® Collagen, which is intended for granulating wounds.

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For the treatment of chronic, infected and sudden wounds. Can also be used to treat mild burns.

Ingredients: Mel 100% (sterile wound care honey 100%)

Antibodies: Honey allergy

Sizes: 1 tube 18g

12 ointment syringes

2g/per syringe

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For the treatment of superficial wounds and damaged or irritated skin. Also suitable for topical treatment of wound edges.

Ingredients: Arachis hypogaea (peanut), Cera Alba (beeswax), Glyceryl oleate (emulsifier), Aqua (water), Mel (honey).

Antibodies: Honey allergy. NOTE! Peanut and white beeswax have been processed for pharmaceutical use, so they do not cause allergies to those allergic to nuts or pollen. Only if the patient is known to be allergic to the topical use of honey should the use be avoided.

Size:15g tube

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For the treatment of granulatory, pressure and venous wounds. For the treatment of leg ulcers, chronic skin ulcers, and sudden and traumatic wounds.

The product becomes gel-like on the wound, absorbs the fluid oozing from the wound and comes off over time.

Ingredients: M60% horse collagen, 40% honey.

Antibodies: Honey allergy.

Size: 5x5cm (3pcs/pack)

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For the treatment of various seeping wounds such as pressure ulcers, ulcers, infected wounds, wounds due to surgery and radiotherapy, and minor burns.

Can be in place for up to 2-3 days. Thin but very absorbent bandage.

Ingredients: Strong M calcium alginate bond, partially saturated 100%.

Antibodies: Honey allergy.

Size: 5x5cm (5pcs/pack)

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For the treatment of various oozing wounds, such as pressure sores and ulcers, infected wounds, wounds due to surgery and radiotherapy, and minor burns.

Ingredients: Polyacetate knit, impregnated with 100% honey.

Antibodies: Honey allergy.

Sizes: 5x5cm (10pcs/pack)

10x10cm (10pcs/pack)

8x8cm (7pcs/pack)

10x20cm (5pcs/pack)


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