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Motiva breast implants

Silicone breast implants that meet the highest quality standards.

Ilonion Care Oy has started a cooperation with Equipmed, the distributor of Motiva Implants in Finland and Baltic countries. IlonionCare acts as a marketer and consultant in Finland.

Establishment Labs’ long experience in product desing, development, tecnology and support systems has enabled us to create the Motiva Implant Matrix® - the most innovative silicone implants available today.

  • The new desing of the envelope ensures a tight and durable implant.

  • 100% filled, 100 % ultra soft and 100 % shape retaining ProgressiveGel, ProgressiveGel PLUS and ProgressiveGel Ultima for optimal shape retention and avoid silocone gel leakage.

  • Excellent flowability, allows the implant to be placed through the hole, resulting in smaller incision scrars.

  • TrueMonoblock® shell is very strong and durable and makes it easy to install the implant.

  • Completely natural gel with good shape retention, ensures implant shape retention.

  • There are more than 500 round, ergonomic and anatomical implants available to meet requirements of every patient and surgeon.

  • All Motiva Implant Matrix® products are CE marked and manufactured using only NuSil medical grade silicone that meets FDA an European quality standards.

  • TrueTissueDynamics ensures a natural appearance and comfort.

  • Q Inside Safety Tecnology, which enables implant data to be downloaded at close range.

  • Research-based surface textures that have not been created using foreign materials and do not compromise the implant shell.

Establishment Labs values manufacturing practices that comply with US and European standards and patented technologies. Innovation is always focused on patient safety. The Matrix products we offer have been developed according to ISO 14607:2009 requirements specifically for surgical implants (see sections and

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Q Inside Safety Tecnology

Smoothsilk vs Polyurethane

Smoothsilk vs Traditional smooth

Surface Comparison Chart

Smoothsilk vs Macrotextured

Best Practices

Motiva Clinical Presentation

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