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HMT-1 Head Camera

The smartest head camera on market

The voice-activated smart camera documents what you see and experience for you.


Already used in hospitals, construction sites and other challenging locations for teaching and consulting, there's no limit to where you can use it.


Easy-to-use voice-commands free up your hands so you can really focus on your work without distraction. The high-resolution camera lets you share images and video from your own perspective. High-quality and high-speed wireless connectivity allows you to share live images with large audiences for training sessions or remote consultations.

The product has a built-in display that can be used to bring important information to the operator during operation. Examples are numerous, such as reading medical records during patient work or checking technical drawings on site.

The internal memory makes it easy to transfer stored data at the end of the work. The HMT-1 head camera allows you to transfer material from your computer to patient records or client reports.

Turnkey service from Ilonion Care

Ilonion Care will also train and consult you on the use of your device, ensuring that it is used correctly and efficiently.

Voice control free your hands

A voice-controlled smart forehead camera frees your hands to work. Simple and powerful voice commands let you control the device with your voice.

Wireless connectivity

Wifi and Bluethoot connections ensure reliable remote access. Thanks to the built-in battery, you're not tied to wires.

Large and clear display

The position of the screen ensures clarity and the close-up view feels like looking at a 7" screen, so you won't miss the slightest detail.

Long battery life

Up to 10 hours of continuous use. Easy-to-replace battery for longer continuous use*

*extra batteries must be purchased separately.

Durable design

Designed to be durable and easy to maintain. Suitable for wet, hot and hazardous environments.

Remote access gives freedom

Reliable and functional remote connection ensures two-way communication and image connection. The feature ensures that the user can be connected to the professional in the field that is needed at that moment via remote access.

Technical product information & Downloads

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